Critically acclaimed guitarist and composer Åsmund Reistad, is a trailblazer in Norwegian folk music, pushing the boundaries of the genre with his innovative approach. He has been a part of the Norwegian folk music scene for more than twenty years and has played alongside many of the best-known musicians in the country, leaving his mark as a performer with an extensive technical range and a unique musical style.

His first solo album, “89% folkemusikk”, was released in 2021 and received rave reviews from the public and press. The album consists of his own compositions based on traditional Norwegian dances. Despite his deep respect for the folk music tradition, his distinct use of elements from other genres shines through. “Urban folkemusikk” was released in 2024 and follows in the same musical footsteps. Reistad produced the album together with the famous Norwegian producer Jørund Fluge Samuelsen, who also contributes on harmonica, percussion and keyboards.

Åsmund Reistad has played an impressive number of concerts and contributed to a multitude of recordings with both his own and oters projects. He also sings and plays the mandola, mandolin, ukulele bass, double bass and banjo. 

"...fixing treasures from the Norwegian tradition in fresh settings." (Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld)